Tips & Advice

Making Leafmould

leaf-mouldMaking leafmould is a cost effective and sustainable way to improve the soils of your block.Leafmould can be made by gathering leaves from around your property (this can help with fire management too).

Leaves must be placed into a bag or container through which air can circulate. Industrial strength rubbish bags with holes poked in them work well.



Fire Management

fire-managementIt is important to take precautions that could protect Parkwater should a fire break out.

The National Trust has developed a Fire Management plan that aims to protect the community and the environmental value of the bushland at Parkwater owned by the Trust.



Dieback Management

dieback-managementPhytophthora Dieback is a soil borne micro‐organism that spreads through water, soil & plant tissue. It attacks a plants root system and prevents the plant from taking in water with which to sustain its self.

It is important to recall that dieback can be transported in soil from infected sites.



Managing Weeds


Working with the Bushlands Management Group and engaging contractors where needed, the National Trust aim is to better manage the bushlands to reduce the incidence of weeds wherever possible.

Exotic invasive plants can be incredibly destructive to our natural bushland and fauna habitat.