National Trust Protected Bushland



Native Bushland



family enjoying native bushland

Set apart from other major South West developments, Parkwater Estate is filled with immense areas of natural bushland, preserved into perpetuity as a contribution to the Cowaramup community.

Parkwater Corporation has donated the forest to the National Trust of Australia (WA) as the custodian of the reserve for the enjoyment of the residents of Parkwater Estate, and all future generations.

The National Trust of Australia (WA) management provides a unique opportunity to not only retain high quality natural forest but also provide the ability for the community to share and become personally involved in the preservation of the area. The "People's Park" approach will help to conserve the bushland for future generations.

The retention and conservation of this high quality natural forest is of the utmost importance to the National Trust. The Trust’s aim is to protect donated areas of bushland through the strategic management of the bushland, establish walk trails and to address issues associated with having residential blocks in close proximity to bushland.

The strategic management of this area is integral to the retention of high quality bushland. The National Trust will provide support and guidance to the residents of Parkwater, including recommendations on suitable plant species for gardens and ways to minimize the impact of everyday activities on the bushland. The establishment of the Parkwater Bushlands Management Group, a community group to oversee the management of the bushland, will play a pivotal role in the implementation of suitable management strategies.

A designated fund, administered by the National Trust, has been set up to cover the management costs for the site. Parkwater has made a substantial contribution to the fund and each homeowner will also be levied to cover the ongoing management of the bushland.

Walk trails throughout the site are being established along strategic firebreaks. These trails allow residents and visitors to the estate to enjoy the bush setting whilst minimising the impact on the bushland. Proposed natural and cultural heritage themed trails will enhance the user’s understanding of their surrounds. These bush walk trails join with sealed paths along roadways, providing a link between Parkwater Estate and the Cowaramup town site. Future linkages to established regional trails in the area such as the Rails to Trails and Cape to Cape tracks will provide additional benefits to residents and the broader community.

Addressing pertinent issues associated with living in close proximity to bushland areas such as dieback management, weed management and fire protection is being undertaken by the National Trust. The Trust aims to ensure that the residents are aware of the issues involved in managing and protecting the bushland and the ways in which they can minimise their impact on the bushland. By reducing the spread of dieback through the implementation of good hygiene measures and treating affected areas, providing information on weeds and providing information on fire protection and instigating controlled burns in bushland areas, the National Trust is ensuring the protection of both the residents and native forest of Parkwater Estate.

When you purchase your own piece of heaven at Parkwater Estate you're not only investing in your family's future, you're also taking this rare opportunity to invest in nature.