Parkwater’s Vision

Develop a like minded community who support each other and live as environmentally friendly as possible. To protect and preserve the natural environment for generations to come giving unique tranquility not offered anywhere else.

Parkwater’s Mission

Inspire residence to live in harmony with their natural surrounds and thrive as sustainably as possible, both on an individual level and at a community level in order to create a happy, healthy and supportive community.

Individual living – Utilise as much natural resource as possible. Becoming energy efficient and creating an energy neutral home environment. Encouraging families to harness renewable energy sources via solar panels to become as energy efficient as possible.

Collect our own water for personal use before using mains.

Grow as much of our own organic food sources as we can to nourish our families, trade the excess to our locals, and teach our children about these life skills.

Community living – Encourage residence to help each other at a social and community level. Look out for each other’s safety and well being. Look for opportunities to develop the residence further in the way of social or community groups, education programs, business and employment opportunities.

Parkwater’s Values

Health – Our families health is the number 1 priority. This is why we have put such an emphasis on renewable energy, clean water, organic produce and supporting local.

Nature – Our home is within nature, so we get to look after this precious environment so we can all live harmoniously within it. The beautiful forest that surrounds us provides the most purest air possible which supports our number 1 Value.

Community – As humans we crave community and connection. For our happiness we get to come together to work and socialise together, develop friendships and find common interests which feed our next values.

Support – Developing a support network within our community provides a level of comfort, safety and piece of mind that is essential to thriving in this world.

Trust – Once the other 4 values come together we can create a large network of trust within our community which will synergistically hold all of our values and families tightly together.

On offer in Parkwater Estate we have:

Quiet roads and cul de sac’s for the privacy and safety of your family.

Plenty of outdoor activities for the family and kids.

Choices of fantastic schooling for your children, with reliable transport servicing all the nearby schools.

Living within nature so you breathe the fresh air and soak in the sun.

Close to all the amenities you could want for a lifestyle where you can thrive!

A diverse range of building designs for a rich and unique street scape

Glorious nature views

Close to amazing beaches

All the outdoor activities you could want on your doorstep

Award winning wineries and restaurants close by for your weekend outings

Plenty of lifestyle opportunities

Community participation for those who love giving back and supporting each other

Forest heritage preservation managed by the National Trust.

Local sporting activities

Local community club with great food and refreshments, to meet the locals and for social occasions

A community working towards being as self sufficient as possible, with local produce and renewable energy leading the way.

Parkwater Estate is widely regarded as having the most diverse building landscape in Western Australia.

With such a large number of boutique and larger builders on offer in the region it is now so much easier to build your dream home.


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